Paper Submission

Authors are encouraged to submit high-quality, original work that has neither appeared in, nor is under consideration by, other journals.

IJNGC offers authors, editors and reviewers of Next-Generation Computing a web-enabled online manuscript submission and review system. Our online system offers authors the ability to track the review process of their manuscript.

Manuscripts should be submitted to: Click Here

This online system offers easy and straightforward log-in and submission procedures, and supports a wide range of submission file formats.

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  Dr. Vijay Kumar
  Computer Science
  Electrical Engineering
  University of Missouri,
  5100 Rockhill Road
  Kansas City, MO 64110, USA.

Advisory Board
  Dr. Sitharam Iyengar
  Florida International University,
  Florida, USA

  Dr. Sartaj Sahni
  CISE Department, CSE 301
  University of Florida
  Gainesville, FL 32611, USA

  Prof.Masaru Kitsuregawa
  Center for Information Fusion,
  Institute of Industrial Science,
  University of Tokyo

  Prof.M. Tamer Özsu
  David R. Cheriton School of
  Computer Science,
  University of Waterloo,

Managing Editor
  Dr. Ankur Gupta
  Model Institute of Engineering and
  Technology, Jammu, J & K, India

Call for Papers

IJNGC, ISSN: 2229-4678 (Print) and 0976-5034 (Online), is a peer-reviewed journal aimed at providing a platform for researchers to disseminate and share their high-quality research in the domain of next-generation computing. Some of the broad areas covered by the journal are Cloud Computing, Peer-to-Peer Computing/Networks, Grid Computing, Evolutionary Computing, Autonomic Computing, Bio-Inspired Systems, Networks Storage Systems, Sensor technology, Pervasive Computing,Mobile Computing, Agent-Based Systems, Algorithms for Parallel Computing, Enterprise Computing, Security and Intrusion Resilience, Continuous Event Processing, Virtualization, Smart Environments, Dynamic Distributed Systems among others.

The journal is approved for indexing in ESCI (Thomson Reuters), DBLP, INSPEC, EBSCOHost and Google Scholar.

****************** NOTE ******************
High-quality papers conforming to the scope of the journal are solicited.
Papers can be submitted anytime.
Several categories of papers are published including full papers (original research), review and position papers and short-papers (which present innovative ideas with or without early results).
Paper Submission: Authors are required to register and submit papers online at
Peer Review Process: All submitted papers are reviewed by area experts for their relevance, originality, presentation and significance. The review process is expected to take 12 weeks at the end of which the final review decision is communicated to the author.
Paper length and format: Not more than 30 pages under ACM format (single column). For review/position/short papers the paper length must be limited to 10 pages.
For Further Information please contact us at: or at:
The Journal does NOT levy any charges on authors.

Coverage Areas

Although the list is not prescriptive, IJNGC intends to focus on advances in the following sub-domains:
1.Cloud Computing
2.Peer-to-Peer Computing/Networks
3.Grid Computing
4.Evolutionary Computing
5.Autonomic Computing
6.Bio-Inspired Systems
7.Storage Networks/Systems
8.Sensor Networks/Computing
9.Pervasive Computing
10.Mobile Computing
11.Agent-Based Systems
12.Algorithms for Parallel Computing

Types of Papers

The Journal accepts the following categories of papers:
(a)Original research
(b)Position papers/review papers
(c)Short-papers (with well-defined ideas, but lacking research results or having preliminary results)
(d)Technology Discussion/Overview Papers

Peer Review Process

All submitted papers are subjected to a comprehensive blind review process by at least 2 subject area experts, who judge the paper on its relevance, originality, clarity of presentation and significance. The review process is expected to take 8-12 weeks at the end of which the final review decision is communicated to the author. In case of rejection authors will get helpful comments to improve the paper for resubmission to other journals. The journal may accept revised papers as new papers which will go through a new review cycle

Editorial Board

  Dr. Gagan Agarwal, Ohio State University, USA
  Dr. Farhad Arbab, Leiden University, The Netherlands
  Dr. Bharat Bhargava, Purdue University, USA
  Dr. Athman Bouguettaya, CSIRO, Sydney, Australia
  Dr. Shu-Ching Chen, Florida International University, USA
  Dr. Werner Dubitzky, University of Ulster, UK
  Dr. Stefan Fischer, University of Lubeck, Germany
  Dr. Ching-Hsien (Robert) Hsu, Chung Hua University, Taiwan
  Dr. Ling Liu, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  Dr. Sanjay Madria, Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
  Dr. Sham Navathe, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
  Dr. Evi Pitoura, University of Ioannina, Greece
  Dr. Peter Scheuermann, Northwestern University, USA
  Dr. Mukesh Singhal, University of Kentucky, USA
  Dr. Bronis R. de Supinski, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA
  Dr. Domenico Talia, University of Calabria, Italy
  Dr. Ouri Wolfson, University of Illinois, USA
  Dr. Chao-Tung Yang, Tunghai University, Taiwan
  Dr. Arkady Zaslavsky, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden
  Dr. Sherali Zeadally, University of the District of Columbia, USA
  Dr. Ankur Gupta, Model Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jammu, India
  Dr. Leszek T. Lillien, Western Michigan University, USA
  Dr. Lalit K. Awasthi, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India
  Dr. Anirban Mondal, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, India
  Dr. Neelima Gupta, University of Delhi, India
  Dr. Indrakshi Ray, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, USA
  Dr. David C. Rine, George Mason University
  Prof. Roberto Baldoni, Sapienza University, Rome
  Dr. K.C Li, Providence University, Taiwan
  Dr. Paul Ezhilchelvan, Newcastle University, UK
  Dr. Chakravarthy Sharma, University of Texas, Arlington, USA
  Dr. P.K Chande, Director, TRUBA Institutes, India
  Dr. Panos Chrysanthis, University of Pittsburgh, USA
  Dr. Prasad M. Deshpande, IBM Research, India
  Dr. Ajith Abraham, Machine Intelligence Research Labs, USA
  Dr. Mukesh Mohania, IBM Research, India
  Dr. Aditya Bagchi, Indian Statistical Institute, India
  Dr. SenthilKumar S., Vellore Institute of Technology, India