Plant Disease Detection using CNN Models


Shreyas Bobde
Kavita Kalambe
Anurag Tripathi
Kushal Deoda
Vyankatesh Haridas


In this modern planet it is very much important to have a good and healthy life for an individual to survive. Just as we humans have a lot of diseases, similarly many diseases are found in plants too. Many models have been made who detect these diseases, but they are not able to give such good accuracy to know which disease has happened. Recognizing plant infection in crops utilizing pictures is an inherently troublesome assignment.This research demonstrates the potential of disease detection models for plant leaves. It covers a number of stages, including picture capture, classification and many more. Extensive researches have already been done by using the CNN model. We have analyzed all these CNN models and on the basis of analysis we have made our own.


How to Cite
Bobde, S., Kalambe, K., Tripathi, A. ., Deoda, K., & Haridas, V. . (2023). Plant Disease Detection using CNN Models. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 14(1).


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