Special Issue on the Recent Trends in ICT Using Emerging Technologies

Accepted Papers

1. Proof of Optimality based on Greedy Algorithm for Offline Cache Replacement Algorithm
Corresponding Author: Swapnita Srivastava


2. Explainable Deep Learning approach for Shoulder Abnormality Detection in X-Rays Dataset
Corresponding Author: Pawan Mall

3. Digital Decision Making In Dentistry: Analysis And Prediction of Periodontitis Using
Machine Learning Approach
Corresponding Author: Dheeba J

4. Score Based Garbage Collection Algorithm for Flash Based Storage System
Corresponding Author: Shweta

5. An Efficient Viterbi Algorithm for Communication System
Corresponding Author: Gouri Padgal

6. Information Security Issues With E-Governance
Corresponding Author: Mudassir Peeran

7. An IoT-based automatic dust monitoring and suppression system for coal warehouses and
processing areas with a reduction in water consumption
Corresponding Author: Duy-Huy Nguyen

8. A Review on Data Confidentiality Issues of User’s Information on Social Networks
Corresponding Author: Sandip A. Kahate

9. Face Recognition for Examinee Verification
Corresponding Author: Tripti Sharma

10. Towards Applicability of Information Communication Technologies in Automated Disease
Corresponding Author: Abu Sarwar Zamani

11. A Comparative analysis on different types of Photovoltaic Cell
Corresponding Author: Sonia Sharma

12. Machine Learning Techniques For Automated And Early Detection Of Brain Tumor
Corresponding Author: Abu Sarwar Zamani


13. Deep Learning-Based Traffic Behavior Analysis under Multiple Camera Environment
Corresponding Author: Rakhi Joshi Bhardwaj

14. Implementation of ICT Tools in a Vocational Skill Development Program
Corresponding Author: Aadarsh Bisht


15. Image Captioning Generator Text-to-Speech
Corresponding Author:Tripti Sharma


16. HCIP: Hybrid Short Long History Table-based Cache Instruction Prefetcher

Corresponding Author: Swapnita Srivastava


17. Evaluating Consumer Behavior to Identify Significant Factors Influencing Trust in Web-based Health Information

Corresponding Author: Piyush Bagla
18. Reliable and efficient message dissemination by adaptive relay selection in vehicular networks
Corresponding Author: Mehul Vala
19. Design and Development of a Flower Classification Hybrid Model using Deep Learning and Optimization
Corresponding Author: Rupinder Kaur
20. Sarcasm Detection on Tweets: Ensemble Approach
Corresponding Author: Rupali Bagate
Corresponding Author: Yogita Parikh
22.  Monograph on Digital Twins
Corresponding Author: Raghuveer Chandaluri
23. Social Media Fake Profile Identification using novel hybrid model machine learning technique
Corresponding Author: Maulik Shah
24. Enhancing the Performance of Association Rule Generation over Dynamic Data using Incremental Tree Structures
Corresponding Author: Naresh P
25. Performance Comparison of Randomized and Non-Randomized Learning Algorithms based Recommender Systems
Corresponding Author: Mohammed Wasid