Towards Conceptualization Of A Prototype For Quantum Database: A Complete Ecosystem


Sayantan Chakraborty


This study proposes a conceptualization of a prototype And a possibility to converge classical database and fully quantum database. This study mostly identifies the gap between this classical and quantum database and proposes a prototype that can be implemented in future products. It is a way that can be used in future industrial product development on hybrid quantum computers. The existing concept used to consider oracle as a black box in this study opens up the possibility for the quantum industry to develop the QASAM module so that we can create a fully quantum database instead of using a classical database as BlackBox.As the Toffoli gate is basically an effective NAND gate it is possible to run any algorithm theoretically in quantum computers. So we will propose a logical design for memory management for the quantum database, security enhancement model, Quantum Recovery Manager & automatic storage management model, and more for the quantum database which will ensure the quantum advantages. In this study, we will also explain the Quantum Vector Database as well as the possibility of improvement in duality quantum computing. It opens up a new scope, possibilities, and research areas in a new approach for quantum databases and duality quantum computing.


Author Biography

Sayantan Chakraborty, Benett University

Ph.D scholar CSE department

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Chakraborty, S. (2023). Towards Conceptualization Of A Prototype For Quantum Database: A Complete Ecosystem. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 14(4).


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