A Novel Paging Query Optimization Technique for Relational Databases


Muhammad Naeem Ahmed Khan


Database systems are designed to store data in structured formfor efficient retrieval and processing. SQL fetches data from these databases in the form of pages each consisting of several rows. Paging query has direct impact on the systemperformance. The major bottleneck for large databases that affect paging query is the volume of data. Since a full table scan is involved in this process so a significant transfer time is required to move data between storage media and database server. We propose an optimized solution for paging query based on key technologies of paging query efficiency. The proposed solution for SQL optimization is based on the concept of offloading. Contrary to the typicaldatabase systems, only the data sought by the client is returned to the database instance from storage. ShiftingSQL processing off the database server eliminates massive amount of futileI/O transfers. Hence, queries run much faster and are processed in a shorter timespan. The experimental results show that the proposed solution is effective and efficient.


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Muhammad Naeem Ahmed Khan. (2019). A Novel Paging Query Optimization Technique for Relational Databases. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 10(1), 56–65. https://doi.org/10.47164/ijngc.v10i1.155


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