Intelligent Video Surveillance System for Indian Farms


Sachin Rambhau Sakhare
Priyanka More
Ch.Mohan Sai Kumar


Security is incredibly significant for farms. Crops may be devastated by the intruders coming to the farm. Besides, because farms are often attacked by the intruders and it is stolen during yield, the farmer is forced to stay and protect the crops. In this paper remote farm monitoring system with video surveillance is described. This system will observe the intruders in the farm and force intruder to leave the farm. The system will also alert farmer regarding weather condition, grass cutting, and crop cutting. The electrical energy is generated by solar to provide sufficient electrical power required to run the system. The main system is fixed on the pole, comprising Raspberry-Pi, Camera, ultrasonic sensors, Humidity sensors, temperature sensors, smoke sensors, Wi-Fi module. The camera takes the frames of intruders, the system will detect the intruder and classify the intruders with time stamp. At the same time the alarm and light will be initiated to scare the intruder. The frames with intruders will be further analyzed for the intruder’s classification and its timing of arrival. The smoke sensor is used to protect the farm from fire, if fire is detected, it turns ON the motor. The information collected by humidity sensors and temperature sensors will alert the farmer regarding weather condition to take precautionary measures. Proposed system is designed for Indian farms and it will be cost effective also.


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Sachin Rambhau Sakhare, Priyanka More, & Ch.Mohan Sai Kumar. (2021). Intelligent Video Surveillance System for Indian Farms. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(2), 200–208.


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