Balanced Multipath Transport Protocol for Mitigating MPTCP Incast in Data Center Networks


Mahendra Suryavanshi
Dr. Ajay Kumar
Dr. Jyoti Yadav


Recent data centers provide dense inter-connectivity between each pair of servers through multiple paths. These data centers offer high aggregate bandwidth and robustness by using multiple paths simultaneously. Multipath TCP (MPTCP) protocol is developed for improving throughput, fairly sharing network link capacity and providing robustness during path failure by utilizing multiple paths over multi-homed data center networks. Running MPTCP protocol for latency-sensitive rack-local short flows with many-to-one communication pattern at the access layer of multi-homed data center networks creates MPTCP incast problem. In this paper, Balanced Multipath TCP (BMPTCP) protocol is proposed to mitigate MPTCP incast problem in multi-homed data center networks. BMPTCP is a window-based congestion control protocol that prevents constant growth of each worker’s subflow congestion window size. BMPTCP computes identical congestion window size for all concurrent subflows by considering bottleneck Top of Rack (ToR) switch buffer size and increasing count of concurrently transmitting workers. This helps BMPTCP to avoid timeout events due to full window loss at ToR switch. Based on current congestion situation at ToR switches, BMPTCP adjust transmission rates of each worker’s subflow so that total amount of data transmitted by all concurrent subflows does not overflow bottleneck ToR switch buffer. Simulation results show that BMPTCP effectively alleviates MPTCP incast. It improves goodput, reduces flow completion time as compared to existing MPTCP and EW-MPTCP protocols.


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Suryavanshi, M., Kumar, D. A., & Yadav, D. J. (2021). Balanced Multipath Transport Protocol for Mitigating MPTCP Incast in Data Center Networks. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(3), 328–342.


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