A Proposed approach for multipath routing in IoT Network using FIS


reena pingale
Dr S N Shinde


Multipath routing in Internet of things network using fuzzy logic approach to minimize energy consumption, End-to-End delay and ETX (Expected transmission count).Consider the three parameter as input to improve Quality of service for low power and lossy network. We propose a fuzzy Multi-Criteria decision making to select best next hop to reach destination node from multipath routing and also apply fuzzy inference system to display the outcome by applying membership function. We also give priority to the route which will help to select best path from multiple path. The high performance routing protocol is required to IoT sensor nodes that work on limited battery power which will eliminate the problem of energy constrained. This will improve network performance to increase network lifetime. The implementations in Fuzzy logic to design RPL objective function and obtained result in MATLAB tool to choose best solution


How to Cite
pingale, reena, & Dr S N Shinde. (2022). A Proposed approach for multipath routing in IoT Network using FIS. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 13(2). https://doi.org/10.47164/ijngc.v13i2.351


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