Smart Vacubin with Contactless Waste Collection


Ananya Timande
Aayushi Nagbhidkar
Ankita Chhattani
Abhilash Nema
Dr. P. R. Selokar


Smart dustbins and frameworks have been in conversation for a long time. Many innovations have been used to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the society.Our smart system is the contactless trash collection using ESP32 interfaced with an ultrasonic sensor and servo motor. The proposed procedure for the organization of consumers is a powerful and effective cycle. This automation of waste likewise diminishes human exertion and subsequently the expense of the entire process. This framework can be executed at any spot effortlessly and inside a sensible measure of time. In this proposed method, the collection of wastes can be achieved by using sensors and actuators for supervising the lid of the dustbin, ultimately reducing human efforts. It is an easy to implement model which can be proposed anywhere to a certain extent. The global way of identifying and managing waste is becoming more efficient and smart. Also this invention motivates individuals to develop good hygiene habits. This can be implemented at any place and can be administered with the help of mobile applications by senior citizens and differently abled people to keep their surroundings clean.



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Timande, A., Nagbhidkar, A., Chhattani, A., Nema, A., & Selokar, D. P. R. . (2021). Smart Vacubin with Contactless Waste Collection. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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