Production Monitoring in SME using Cloud and Fog Computing


Ashish Chandak Chandak
Chetana Thaokar


Small to medium scale enterprises (SME) play a vital role in the Indian economy. Worker and production moni-
toring, data acquisition, storage, and backup are the main challenges in SMEs. To tackle these challenges, fog and cloud computing-enabled architecture has been designed for worker and production monitoring. This architecture has been developed which stores the data generated by the machines and monitor the output of the machines. The designed architecture uses data generated by the machines to give a detailed analysis of data and produces detailed visualization to the management of the industry on web-enabled devices and Android app.


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Chandak, A. C., & Chetana Thaokar. (2021). Production Monitoring in SME using Cloud and Fog Computing. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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