Comparative Analysis of Intrusion Detection System in Reactive Routing Protocols of Mobile Adhoc Networks


Manish Devendra Chawhan
Ausaf Umar Khan
Kishore Damodar Kulat
Bhumika Neole


Mobile Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Network (MANET) interact wirelessly with the neighbor nodes without aid of
central management. They are subject to a variety of attacks, including as the black hole, insider, grey hole,
wormhole, flooding attack, and packet drop, all of which severely impair secure communication. This paper
incorporated an intrusion detection system (IDS) into a reactive MANET routing protocol, such as Adhoc OnDemand Distance Vector (AODV), for the detection and prevention of malicious nodes. To make a comparison
with the implemented IDSAODV, the existing NetSim code of Intrusion Detection System (IDS) based on Dynamic
Source Routing (DSR) protocol is utilized. We created a Black-hole node to conduct malicious activities in the
network. The IDSAODV and IDSDSR are analyzed for different Quality of Service (QoS) characteristics such
as Packet Delivery Ratio (PDR), Throughput, Energy Consumption, and delay in a network size of 10 nodes
for simulation period of 100 seconds. The NetSim tool was utilized as a simulation tool for creating network
with malicious node and to implement IDS. The results demonstrate that the IDSAODV and IDSDSR efficiently
identify and prevent a BH attack on the network. The IDSAODV improves PDR and throughput while consuming
more energy and having a little higher delay


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Chawhan, M. D., Khan, A. U., Kulat, K. D., & Neole, B. (2021). Comparative Analysis of Intrusion Detection System in Reactive Routing Protocols of Mobile Adhoc Networks. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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