Brain Tumor Detection Using MRI Images


Mr. Girish Suresh Agrawal
Mr. Gaurav Munnalal Agrawal
Mr. Manish Rajkumar Singh
Prof. Pratibha Kokardekar


Brain Tumor being one of the global cause of early age death in people ,have been a concern for researcher , Brain Tumor is a disease where brain cell start multiplying themselves in a harmful manner which affects brain from functioning . Predicting brain tumor using medical image processing is demanding need in this domain. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is broadly used technique for investigating untypical and divergent information varying from studying the growth of the brain to detect different disorders. So, with the help of MRI images and machine learning algorithm the proposed system in this paper recognize the targeted cluster and separate it efficiently . This paper will cover some of the basic methods used to detect brain and make a comparison between these methods. Finally, it will talk about the process followed in detecting brain tumor using k-means clustering algorithm


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Agrawal, G., Agrawal, G. ., Singh, M., & kokardekar, P. (2021). Brain Tumor Detection Using MRI Images. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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