A Review on Indexing Techniques and its application in Multilingual Information Retrieval System


Mangala Madankar
Manoj Chandak


To implement the indexing in multilingual dataset, the indexing process must know. This paper gives the brief about indexing and presents role of indexing, logical view of indexing, types of indexing, indexing process, data structure of indexing, representation of indexing and indexing framework. Indexing is an important concept to implement in retrieval process. By the indexing, retrieval process will reduce the time. The indexing part performs the complete article pool to shape index constructions that permit for resourceful search. These are typically inverted tables. Each article is so preprocessed and recorded to a vector demonstration. At the end indexing method is applied to the multilingual information retrieval system and shows the results.


How to Cite
Madankar, M., & Chandak, M. (2021). A Review on Indexing Techniques and its application in Multilingual Information Retrieval System. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5). https://doi.org/10.47164/ijngc.v12i5.469


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