Intercloud Architecture Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-Provider Cloud based Infrastructure Services Provisioning


Yuri Demchenko
Canh Ngo
Cees de Laat
Marc X. Makkes
Rudolf Strijkers


This paper presents on-going research to develop the Intercloud Architecture Framework (ICAF) that addresses problems in multi-provider multi-domain heterogeneous cloud based infrastructure services and applications integration and interoperability. The paper refers to existing standards in Cloud Computing, in particular, recently published NIST Cloud Computing Reference Architecture (CCRA). The proposed ICAF defines four complementary components addressing Intercloud integration and interoperability: multi-layer Cloud Services Model (CSM) that combines commonly adopted cloud service models, such as IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, in one multilayer model with corresponding inter-layer interfaces including also access and delivery infrastructure layer; Intercloud Control and Management Plane (ICCMP) that supports cloud based applications interaction; Intercloud Federation Framework (ICFF), and Intercloud Operation Framework (ICOF). The paper provides general definition of the ICFF, its generic components and interfaces. The paper briey describes the architectural framework for cloud based infrastructure services provisioned on-demand being developed in the framework of the GEYSERS project that provides a basis for CSM and ICCMP implementation allowing optimized provisioning of computing, storage and networking resources. The proposed architecture is intended to provide an architectural model for developing Intercloud middleware and in this way will facilitate clouds interoperability and integration.


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Yuri Demchenko, Canh Ngo, Cees de Laat, Marc X. Makkes, & Rudolf Strijkers. (2013). Intercloud Architecture Framework for Heterogeneous Multi-Provider Cloud based Infrastructure Services Provisioning. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 4(2), 109–127.


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