Best Shot Selection using Convolutional Neural Networks


Sagar Rane
Anant Kaulage


Mobile phone cameras have small camera sensor size as compared to professional cameras, capture less light at a time and capture everything in focus. Also, it is very common for novice photographers to miss the best shot. These days’ companies use multiple camera systems to solve these problems, which in turn increase the complexity and the costs of deploying these systems. This paper presents an android based mobile phone camera application that takes help from the work done in segmentation networks to capture portrait images and it also tries to capture the best possible photograph using traditional image processing and convolutional neural networks. Our system is performing better in terms of Mean IOU than existing available systems. Results showed that our model is simple and cost effective. This model is easily embeddable in upcoming mobile phones as a best-shot selection feature.


How to Cite
Rane, S., & Kaulage, A. (2022). Best Shot Selection using Convolutional Neural Networks. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 13(2).


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