Denoised video with Specially Programmable Intelligent Bot


Pallavi Parlewar
Siddhant Kumar


The modern cardinal rebellion led robots to become common in many areas such as military, medicine, agriculture, various industry etc. for surveillance or improve the quality. Robots are specially used for safety and security of human being. This enhances the quality of human life. Surveillance can also save life of the people or protect them from serious injuries.  Intentional crime can be caught with the help of surveillance. This project propose Specially Programmable Intelligent Bot (SPiBot) robot is connected to the local network and takes commands from a computer on network. This can be done using SSH or Anydesk. The raspberry pi streams the feed from the camera to the local network using a command which starts the stream using the VLC media player’s in built network streaming functionality. The user can open the stream on any computer on the local network. The video is denoised using Ridgelet Transform


How to Cite
Parlewar, P., & Kumar, S. . (2021). Denoised video with Specially Programmable Intelligent Bot. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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