Recommendation System: Overview, Current Applications and Future Scope


Rahul Tilokani
Chetana Thaokar
Sarang Awale
Shubh Popat
Pratik Pudke


The purpose of this research paper is to discuss areas of research, current trends and future scope of Recommendation
System. This paper talks about the functioning of Recommendation Systems, recent trends in IT involving use
of RS, approach to build an RS, scope of RS in future and issues associated with it. RS has become a widespread
tool in IT, used by leading Software companies. It has come out as a major subject in IT in the area of research;
Over thousand papers have been published on RS and has resulted in acquiring some interesting findings which
were later got implemented. This paper not only talks about the current applications but also provide a vision
towards its future scope. This research has included different areas where recommendation systems are currently
in use.


How to Cite
Tilokani, R., Thaokar, C. ., Awale, S., Popat, S., & Pudke, P. (2021). Recommendation System: Overview, Current Applications and Future Scope. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 12(5).


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