Pneumonia detection through Image Classification Using CNN


Karan Badlani
Shreya Sawal
Mohit Nilkute
Shruti Belekar
Ajinkya Nilawar


Pneumonia is a dangerous and serious lung disease. Generally, Chest Radiographs are used to detect pneumonia. This article describes a new method based on Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) classifiers that can identify pneumonia from a patient’s X-ray. Hence, we are proposing pneumonia detection based on CNN using chest X-ray. In this paper, we analyze the existing methods of pneumonia detection and classification techniques. The performance of the proposed CNN model is compared with VGG19 and ResNet50-V2. Performance evaluation is done using Precision and Recall. The proposed CNN model provides higher accuracy compared to existing CNN models. 


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Karan Badlani, Shreya Sawal, Mohit Nilkute, Shruti Belekar, & Ajinkya Nilawar. (2022). Pneumonia detection through Image Classification Using CNN. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 13(5).


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