IoT Based on Potholes and Speed Breakers Detection and Alert System


Rakesh Kadu
Ayushi Mishra
Devang Baheti
Himangi Pilkawar


In a world where 90 percent of people travel by road, the safety of the same becomes of utmost importance. And two of the most major issues a road traveler faces are Potholes and speed breakers. The total number of road accident deaths due to potholes in 2018, 2019, and 2020 stood at 2015, 2140 and 1471, respectively. Although speed breakers are intended to prevent traffic accidents, 49.6 per cent of crashes still happen in areas where there are speed breakers.

This paper aims to present a method for locating, identifying, and documenting speed breakers and potholes. The suggested method will employ driving information collected by various sensors, such as vibrations, jerks, bumps, changes in distance from the base of the vehicle, etc., to detect and then store the location of the object in an online database. Additionally, a stream of images of the object spotted will be simultaneously taken and uploaded to a server, to analyze using an Image Detection model. This model will facilitate the live detection of potholes and speed breakers more accurately than previous solutions.

Once this data is added to a database, it will be effectively used by government agencies to repair the roads as well as by daily commuters to avoid the route with more obstacles, when the database is supplied to mapping services like Google Maps.


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Kadu, R., Mishra, A., Baheti, D., & Pilkawar, H. (2022). IoT Based on Potholes and Speed Breakers Detection and Alert System. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 13(5).


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