Intercloud: A Hype or Reality?


Lohit Kapoor
Seema Bawa
Ankur Gupta


The Intercloud, representing a logical evolution of the cloud paradigm, is fast gaining traction among industry players, cloud service providers and researchers. The idea of a global ecosystem of collaborating CSPs offering potentially infinite compute resources enabling seamless resource/service provisioning and consumption is alluring. This research paper examines the potential of the intercloud in enabling planetary scale services meeting both B2B and C2C use-case scenarios, while evaluating the technical and business challenges involved. We also present future perspectives and thoughts on evolution of the intercloud.


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Kapoor, L. ., Seema Bawa, & Gupta, A. . (2018). Intercloud: A Hype or Reality?. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 9(3), 233–250.


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