Plant leaves disease detection using Image Processing and Machine learning techniques


Pratibha Kokardekar
Aman Shah
Arjun Thakur
Prachi Shahu
Rohan Raggad
Sudhanshu Keshaowar
Vineet Pashine


Agriculture plays a very important role in strengthening the economy of a country. Disease in plants is the major
cause of production and economy loss which also reduced the quality and quantity of agriculture products. Farmers
face a lot of difficulty in detecting the diseases with naked eye which is the traditional and most used way. It is
an important and tedious task to detect disease on crops. It requires a lot of skilled labour and huge amount of
time. This paper compares the benefits and limitations of existing techniques for disease detections. Finally, it
will talk about a method for disease detection in plants using convolutional neural network (CNN).


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Pratibha Kokardekar, Aman Shah, Arjun Thakur, Prachi Shahu, Rohan Raggad, Sudhanshu Keshaowar, & Vineet Pashine. (2022). Plant leaves disease detection using Image Processing and Machine learning techniques. International Journal of Next-Generation Computing, 13(5).


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